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Leaf Burning

Leaf burning is not allowed in the Village of Grayslake, Hainesville, Round Lake Beach or Round Lake Heights. Those villages have their own ordinances prohibiting it. If you live in:


Round Lake - Leaves & twigs Mon-Sat, no Sunday, 9 am-sunset, 10’ from all structures, not in right of way, attended by person 16 or older.


Round Lake Park - All year, no Sundays.


If you live in Wildwood, Gages Lake, Fremont Township than here are your guidelines:


  • Burning must take place during the daylight hours. Best time of the day to burn is the mid-morning to mid-afternoon as smoke should disperse quicker

  • Open burning must be attended by an adult at all times

  • A water source of some sort must be provided. (hose or a fire extinguisher)

  • Open burning must be 25' from any structures. (50' from schools & roads-NOT in road)

  • Maximum size of any burn pile is 3' in diameter and 3' high

  • Materials being burned are limited to landscape waste generated on the property of the burn site. Poison Ivy plants can not be burned

  • Burning trash or construction debris is strictly prohibited

  • DO NOT use gasoline as a fire starter. It is explosively dangerous!

  • Wind velocity must exceed 5 MPH and must not exceed 15 MPH

  • Smoke from open burning shall not obstruct visibility on roadways, etc.

  • Fire or smoke must not create a hazard or nuisance situation. Be courteous and respectful to your neighbors especially those with breathing problems

  • Dispose of ashes by drowning them and placing them in a metal can away from buildings

  • Outdoor grills and metal fire pits are limited to recreation and cooking fires and must be used according to the manufacturer's instructions


Recreational bonfires are allowed only in areas where open burning is allowed. These recreational bonfires must have prior authorization from the Grayslake Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau or the on duty shift commander. These fires cannot exceed 5 ft. by 5ft. by 5ft. or burn for more than 3 hours (unless the fire department determines it is warranted). Bonfires must incorporate only seasoned and dry firewood with no waste and/or fuel added.

Other open burning fires that must have prior authorization include…

  • Forestry, range or wildlife management

  • Prevention/control of diseases./pests

  • Heat for outdoor workers

  • Open burns requiring prior authorization from the fire department and written permission of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) include…

  • Disposal of hazardous or toxic material as long as EPA determines there is no practical alternative method of disposal

  • Instruction or research in controlling fires, emergencies or other extraordinary circumstances as determined to be necessary by the EPA

  • Disposal of landscape waste (except residential or agricultural waste)

  • Recognized agricultural or horticultural management purposes to maintain production standards.

Any questions contact the fire prevention bureau

M-F from 8-5


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